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Learning the Truth and accepting it

not to be taken out of context

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31 March 1982
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I have been a nurse for about 2 years now. I am a renal care nurse at a local non-profit hospital. We work with both Chronic and acute patients. I love my job and am always looking for other nurses to chat with.
My daughter is the light of my life and she is what makes me tick. She is the reason why I am alive now, I am convinced of it.
I stand up for myself and what I believe in. I didn't use to be like that when I was with my ex, but now I know that I have to be a strong, intelligent, bold woman. I refuse to let people take advantage of me and try to get other women to do the same thing. Women should empower each other and make each other realise that we are wonderful. I am all about boosting someone else's esteem when they need it. I love my life and will never take it for granted again!
Please feel free to read and enjoy. I thought Life was finally looking up!

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